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Understanding Disability blog

Blog by Nim Ralph. People are scared to talk about disability, often because deep down they are scared of disability. I find people do want to get it right – and that’s important. But, when what’s at stake is people’s wellbeing, sometimes intention isn’t enough. Therefore, supporting people to feel more resourced and empowered to talk about […]

The Social Model in Action: if I had a hammer.

by Mike Oliver. 2004. Chapter 2 of ‘Implementing the Social Model of Disability: Theory and Research’. Introduction. A little while ago, Prime Minister Tony Blair stated that the Labour Government’s aim is: ‘To take down the barriers that hold people back from fulfilling their potential’. It is tempting to suggest that we are all social […]

National Disability Arts Collection & Archive

NDACA is a £1-million project that brings to life the heritage and rich history of the UK Disability Arts Movement. The Disability Arts Movement began in the late 1970s and continues today. It involved a group of disabled people and their allies who broke down barriers, helped change the law with the Disability Discrimination Act of […]

The individual and social models of disability.

by Mike Oliver BA PhD. There is a danger that in discussing issue related to disability, that we will end up with more models than Lucy Clayton. This is dangerous in that, if we are not careful we will spend all of our time considering what we mean by the medical model or the social […]

Fundamental Principles of Disability.

The Union of the Physically Impaired and Disability Alliance discuss Fundamental Principles of Disability.   A summary of the discussion held on 22nd November, 1975.   [page 2, original document.] Introduction. This booklet contains three documents which relate to the meeting held between the Union of the Physically Impaired Against Segregation and the Disability Alliance […]