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Ceasing to be a member

Disability Labour recognises the need for further clarification on disciplinary matters and therefore moves the following amendment and addition to section C(2) of the Constitution with immediate effect: C (2) Ceasing to be a member. Members may resign at any time in writing to the secretary. (2a) The executive committee will contact any member who […]

No confidence in the Secretary of Disability Labour

It has become increasingly apparent to members of Disability Labour that the current Secretary, Louise Reecejones, has been ineffective, difficult to work with and completely unaccepting of comment or criticism by members and fellow Executive Committee members. She failed to notify the Executive Committee that she had brought Wirral Council & Wirral Labour Party into […]

Executive Committee decision making

Disability Labour believes no decision should be taken by a small clique of the Executive Committee. All decisions should be, and should be seen to be, properly democratic. We therefore agree to an additional section H (6) being added to our constitution: In the event of there being no quorum provided at least three (3) […]

Executive Committee minutes

To be properly accountable and democratic, Disability Labour recognises the need for meetings to be minuted fully and those minutes be up to a minimal standard. We therefore agree that there should be an additional section H (8a) in our constitution as follows: Executive committee minutes will include: The date, time and physical venue of […]