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Procedures at the AGM

Disability Labour recognises the need to improve our procedures at AGMs, making them accessible and more democratic. We therefore agree the following should replace Section L(7) of the constitution: (7) The quorum at the AGM is 10% of members or 30 members, whichever is higher. (7a) A signer and a palantypist will be provided to […]

Business of the AGM

Disability Labour recognises the need to improve the way Officers report to members, and to introduce the right for members to directly elect executive officers bringing us in line with Party procedures. We therefore agree that section L(8) of the constitution be amended to: (8) At the AGM: (8a) The executive committee will present the […]

Format of AGM Minutes

Disability Labour recognises that past AGM minutes have not been fit for purpose. We therefore agree the following addition to the constitution: (8e) AGM minutes must include: The date, time and physical venue of the meeting. The name of the group. The names of those present and the names of those having made apologies for […]

Scrap the Disability Labour Membership Fee

Disability Labour recognises the important role that our members should play in how our organisation runs, and recognises that the current membership fee could be a barrier to Labour Party members being more involved in Disability Labour. Therefore, Disability Labour agrees to scrap the membership fee with immediate effect and replace the system with a […]