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Blatent discrimination

I am now a 60 year old man who is virtually housebound. I take very short rides on my scooter about every two weeks, very local, and if and when a taxi. I joined the Labour Party, late 2015/2016. When I first joined there was no alternative method to vote for a new Chair unless […]

Having to be bolshy

Our LGC meetings are currently in an inaccessible place- not much in it, there is a ramp at the front of the building but there is a step from the pavement onto the site. I did eventually get the point across but it took a while- now waiting for them to get a portable ramp so […]


I do not see detail so recognising who is there when I walk into a meeting or turn up at a meeting point is very difficult. I have spoken about this and asked people to approach me and tell me their names. Very few do. More often than not I am left standing alone listening […]

No quarter given

My CLP refuses to let me telephone canvass or pay for a scooter hire. Or meet in an accessible room with a hearing loop. Rona L Topaz

Wheelchairs, toilets and crutches

I had an argument with a branch chair who said a venue was accessible. What he meant was a ramp into the rear room we were using directly from the outside. The fact a wheelchair user couldn’t get to the bar was “ok because someone will go for her”. The fact a wheelchair couldn’t leave the […]


As a CLP women’s officer and a wheelchair-user, I have had excellent support and no access difficulties within our party locally. I did find the conference facilities in Brighton quite challenging after being sent around the houses for everything I tried to attend outside of the main hall. Anonymous

Conference, wheelchairs and Rex

The one time I went to Labour Party Conference, I was made to sit in my wheelchair in the aisle. I had people calling me a fire hazard. I had people climbing on me to get into empty seats. I had told CAC that I needed room for my assistance dog, none was provided. I […]

Wheelchair access

Attending a regional conference, using my wheelchair, there was no access to the room where voting for the regional board was taking place. I was required to fill in my ballot paper in a public corridor, and then the ballot box was brought out to me. There was no privacy or ability to perform a […]

Made to feel useless

During all our campaigns I feel incredibly useless. When I was first elected I did hours of phone banks. Since my anxiety issues I get petrified. I have asked repeatedly to stuff envelopes at home as our CLP office is rather inaccessible. I get no response from the office although they know in the past […]