Disability Labour is broken. Join us to fix it.

Our Disability Labour executive candidates 2018.

Statement by Fran and Wayne to all Disability Labour members.

Over the past 6 months we have had the privilege of working with a wonderful group of people, who share our vision for an open, accountable and democratic Disability Labour.

We have never all been in the same room together, but have held some excellent online team meetings where we have all been able to contribute to discussions and ideas.

Some of us are experienced campaigners, others have only joined the party recently, but we have worked together to produce our 12 Point Plan for a Socialist Disability Labour. We have also made plans for the work that needs to be done to ensure that DL is a strong, campaigning organisation that truly represents its members.

Between us we have decades of experience within the Civil Service, local and regional government, health and social care, teaching and the voluntary and community sector. Some of us have children with disabilities or long term health conditions.

We have worked together as a team and supported each other in real comradeship when our disabilities have meant we have done less than we would have wanted.

We believe in putting members first, above personal ambitions and know that by working together we can ensure a Disability Labour that is open, democratic and accountable.

Please support the DEAL Team – working for ALL disabled members.

Cllr Wayne Blackburn

Vice Chair Pendle CLP


Fran Springfield

Disability Officer Vauxhall CLP

If you are a member of Disability Labour, the socialist society affiliated to the Labour Party, you can register to attend this years’ AGM on 8 September in Leeds.