The landing page for the actual site would be different, this is ours to explain how everything works.

Your Labour

This page is rather self-explanatory, and I didn’t feel a lot of work needed doing on it to demonstrate it. There is a lot of potential for this page from a simple information page to having the ability to contact the EC or individual members, as you would need to login it would not be anonymous contact.


This would be populated by whoever’s job this is within the CLP and BLP. The documents would be available as soon as they’re circulated, and the live stream button would be greyed out until a meeting.

The live stream will take you to a live stream of the meeting, there would be a chat box to speak with the digital chair (the person whose job it is to manage the digital side of the meeting) which should have the ability either through icon or button to raise points of order or points of clarification, a button to request to speak (the equivalent of putting your hand up in the meeting) and buttons allowing you to make options for voting.

There should be an ability to turn off the live stream and remain in the page so that people can either watch from someone else’s device or use it from the meeting so that they can indicate their intentions if they have physical disabilities that would make hand raising difficult or have mental health/ social difficulties that would make it difficult.


This would be updated via the logins of the councillors and MPs, potentially a CLP could give access to a PPC or anyone else that holds surgeries within their area. The landing page gives information about who their representatives are, where and when they can meet them in person.

Clicking on your representatives’ name takes you to their digital surgery page. This gives you the option to see documents that you have shared with each other, a worklog of what your representative has done on your case, request an appointment (this is for a one to one video chat, how this works hasn’t been considered as there’s different options there) and enter chat which would only be available at the time you have booked.

Executive Committee and Branch Committee

This is only available to people whose login gives them access. It gives them the ability to share documents to the committee, to chat with each other (the chat box should store messages not clear with each login to allow members to catch up) and to have conference call between themselves.

Councillors and MPs

This button is only available to councillors and MPs (or their staff) possibly as mentioned before to others that a CLP decides to extend it to.

The landing page gives buttons to their active casework and digital surgery; a text box that has allows them free text to make notes for themselves; a calendar which they can populate; and a week to view list.

From there they can go to the active casework so that they can go into a constituent’s page to see the previous paperwork or worklog. There’s a free text box that allows them to make notes specific to the case. They can also go to the digital surgery that has a list of people who are waiting for digital appointments (again how this is set up wasn’t my concern with putting this together) and have control of starting and ending a conversation. The case notes they made previously are visible and editable, there’s also the potential to have text chat.

Digital Chair

This is the page for the person who is set up as the digital chair. This person would sit beside the chair during the meeting (so the video would not be the long shot that has been used) and would be dealing with the incoming messages, arranging for someone to be allowed to speak, dealing with points of order or points of clarification, and voting results.