NEC Disabled Rep Candidates survey.

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On Monday 19 October 2020 the Labour Party NEC will start sending out ballots for this years NEC elections. For the first time ever, members who have told the Party they are disabled people using the Party’s equalities monitoring form sent earlier this year will get to vote in our own Disabled Rep on the NEC.

Balloting closes at noon on Thursday 12 November and results will be announced on Friday 13 November.

Click here for the full election timetable, you will need to log into the Labour Party website to see this.

Although candidates can be nominated until midnight on Monday 27 September, we wanted to know more about those candidates that have declared they are standing so far. We contacted all candidates who had included their email address as a contact channel on the Party website by 21 August.

Click here for the list of candidates.

Our members worked together to create a survey for the candidates. We sent this, using the Mailchimp email software, to 41 candidates on Friday 21 August. We tracked which candidates had opened our email and sent a follow up directly from our account to those that had not opened the Mailchimp email. We also posted in our Facebook group, to make sure members knew what was happening with the survey as we went along.

All candidates who responded are disabled members of the Party and all committed to actively working to make the handbook internal Party policy.

Please be aware, we do not necessarily agree with what candidates have said. You may find some content transphobic. We have included all text submitted so that members can make up their own minds about what candidates have said.

We are extremely grateful to the following candidates for taking the time to respond:

Sonny Bailey,

Geraldine Bird,

John Doherty,

James Driver,

Kendrick Fowler,

George Lindars-Hammond,

Ellen Morrison,

Nik Oakley,

Emily Pomroy-Smith,

Richard Rieser,

Elizabeth Roberts, and

Kevin Watts.

The following candidates did not respond:

Stuart Adam,

George Baker,

Joanna Baker-Rogers,

John Banks,

Molly Brooke,

Emily Brothers,

James Chespy,

Mandy Clare,

Kelvin Cracknell,

Jonathan Desmond,

Jesse Erlam,

Brian Finch,

Jon Fletcher,

Keren Gilfoyle-McGroarty,

Angela Hamilton,

David Isaac,

Adrian Knapper,

Sebastian Kola-Bankole,

Remi Kukoyi,

Abdul Malik,

Bradley Mason,

David Mason,

Nathan Murphy,

Graham Philpot,

Emma Quinn,

Cameron Redpath,

Iain Ridley, and

Cam Rose.

Individual Responses

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