Photo of Gabrielle Moran's doggie wearing a 'mostly hating Tories' t-shirt. Team DEAL.

Gabrielle Moran

Aged 9 I realised I was a socialist, at 12 I became politically active, and I first joined the Labour Party at 15. My whole life I have been involved in community campaigns and driven by a desire for a fair and inclusive society for everyone. I have been disabled since my early twenties and my experiences have made me a more informed campaigner.

Within my CLP I have been auditor for two years and am currently fundraising officer. As a union member I have been shop steward, branch secretary, and participated in the TUC organising academy. I have been on the management committee of many charities. A varied employment history included many community engagement roles, involving working with a broad spectrum of disabled people often seeking a place in a society that continues to exclude us.

I am committed to democracy (even when the outcome is not what I argued for) and believe elected representatives should always be accountable to their electorate. I will always answer honestly any question I know the answer to, and will seek to find the answer to those I do not.

I’m standing in solidarity with the other DEAL candidates.

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