Disability Equality Act Labour (DEAL) is an informal group campaigning for disability equality in the Labour Party. Download our legal handbook and campaigning document by clicking here.

Here is our model motion for you to put to your branch in support of our legal handbook:

This branch welcomes the legal handbook “Equality Act 2010 (disability) and the Labour Party”, produced and published free online at disabilityequalityactlabour.org by the Disability Equality Act Labour group.

The hard work that has gone into this document by disabled Labour Party members and experts in the field of disability equality are to be commended.

We recommend the handbook to our CLP and call for the NEC to accept it, in its entirety, as official internal policy at all levels of the Party.

We recommend a CLP donation of £50, and encourage individual members to make what donations they feel able to towards a print run to enable the DEAL group to make the handbook available at Party events including regional and national conferences.

(Cheques can be made payable to Disability Equality Act Labour and sent to DEAL, 32 Battlebridge Court, Wharfdale Road, London N1 9UA.)


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