Photo of Linda Wilde, Team DEAL.

Linda Wilde

I have been active in the Labour movement for over 40 years and re-joined Labour, inspired by the prospect of the Party being led by Jeremy Corbyn.

I am a socialist, environmentalist, mother and grandmother and my background has mainly been in trade union activism. I am convinced that Corbyn’s leadership is a once in a lifetime opportunity for those of us who care about fairness and justice for all of society.

I’m a Labour Party branch officer and my CLP’s joint Trade Union Liaison Officer and I’ve been working hard to encourage union members to become active members of our local Labour Party.

The rolling back of the welfare state by the current Tory government is a story we are all familiar with and the attacks have been harder on those of us who may not have the strength or resources to fight back.

I am anxious that we carry forward our aim to build links between the Labour Party and the disabled people’s movement, so that we can ensure our demand for full and comprehensive civil rights for disabled people is within the Party’s general election manifesto and programme for government.

We need to get Disability Labour into the heart of the Labour and trade union movement, seeking their assistance and resources to publicise our campaigns to identify and break down disabling barriers within society.

If elected I will always be accountable and approachable to our membership.

I’m proud to stand as part of the DEAL team of candidates for an open and accountable DL.

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