Photo of Sarah Taylor. Team DEAL - Disability Equality Act Labour.

Sarah Taylor

Formerly a Nurse & Samaritan I became disabled 11 years ago & thus have personal & professional understanding of the spectrum of disabilities & diversities.

Within the Labour Party I’m involved in education and campaigning around disability Rights and Inclusion & have helped devise training for Labour Party Officers and members throughout the UK.

As a member of Project 125 I have stood for office & supported others doing so as part of our campaign for disabled party members to have equal participation & representation across the Labour party & Labour movement.

As a member of DEAL I have contributed to our Legal Handbook & using my contacts in other CLPs  have to helped promote its introduction throughout the party to ensure compliance with the Equality Act 2010.

Within my own CLP I have led the adaptation of how we campaign to include reasonable adjustments on an individual basis to support every member right to be able to participate inclusively with party activities as they wish & as Disability Labour CLP Liaison Officer I would be keen & well equipped to facilitate & support other CLIPs doing so.

I’m a team player who tries to inspire others and always stand up for those who may find it difficult to speak for themselves.

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