Photo of Barb Roberts with Jeremy Corbyn. Team DEAL - Disability Equality Act Labour.

Barb Roberts

I’m a life-long Socialist re-joining Labour eight years ago and a member of Disability Labour for three years. I was born with disabilities which didn’t become apparent till my teens. Having the genetic disorder Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and an endocrine autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s. I also have Aspergers and dyslexia.

Nevertheless I qualified as a nurse, an SRN, and worked for several years covering many fields including coronary care and specialist children’s nursing at GOSH. Until my own health problems forced me to retire.

But I believe this background has given me a vast amount of experience and understanding of the many issues the disabled face, both adult and children and their carers, within our society.

I’m an active campaigner in my CLP of Hackney South who’s not afraid to be vocal!
I’m our Disabilty Coordinator, a positon I pressed for on our EC for to ensure disabled members are able to get fully involved and that their views and concerns are reflected and listened to.

I’m a member of DPAC and Unite Community.

As an Executive member I will continue to fight for the rights for disabled within the Labour Party and our communities. For The Many!

Please support the DEAL team of candidates, for an open and accountable DL – campaigning for all disabled people.

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