Photo of Claire Harris. Team DEAL - Disability Equality Act Labour.

Claire Harris

I have been a member of the Labour Party since 2016, after finding that the world was changing and with the sense of security I felt as a disabled person with Jeremy Corbyn as leader.

I have been involved in politics at some level for most of my adult life, first getting involved in my residents’ association as a foyer resident. The work I did there attracted the attention of my housing association and while there I held a variety of positions.

When I moved into party politics, I was elected to the women’s and fundraising officer at my previous CLP and after moving to Northampton, I was elected as the county chair of Momentum, and finally as Vice chair of members. I am involved in writing guidance for people with disabilities holding public office.

I have fibromyalgia with mobility issues, autism and an auditory procession disorder. In addition to being a disabled person, I am also mum to four children with varying disabilities including autism, EDS, myasthenia, cerebral palsy and Neurofibromatosis.

In addition to having lived experience of being disabled and involved in politics, I have the specialist knowledge of caring for children with special needs.

I’m proud to be standing with the Disability Equality Act Labour candidates.

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