Dave Townsend

I am an enthusiastic campaigner and want real change in our Party and Communities. Currently I am Chair and Disability Officer of Weston-super-Mare Constituency Labour Party .

I am medically retired, but from my previous employment as a Marine Engineer and as a Health and Safety Officer I bring a wide knowledge of legislation relating to Health and Safety, Project Management, Dealing with Central Government, engaging with people, and navigating. I have good organisational skills, and a wide range of ancillary skills such as computing and information technology.

I have direct experience in provision for children with Special Educational Needs. I have experience of contact with both Adult & Children’s Social Services and Occupational Therapy teams.

One of my children is trans-gender and another is Gender Non-binary, both have disabilities too. Though them I have also become far more knowledgeable about the issues of discrimination and lack of support for the Disabled LGBT community.

Through my own disabilities, my involvement with Disability Labour, Disability Equality Act Labour and other campaigning groups I have gained wider experience of Disability Rights, inclusivity and equality; this has become my main passion in politics.

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