Are there any sections of the DEAL legal handbook you don’t agree with and why? Do you have suggestions for improvement?

Sonny Bailey

As of current, there are no sections I disagree with, but I would like to add that we could talk more about neurodiversity, as stated in some of my above answers.

Richard Rieser

I think the outcomes of the democracy review need incorporating. It needs a section on inter-sectionality and an international section, examining disability and development issues and UK responsibility to ‘Build Back Better’ in line with SDGs and UNCRPD. It would also be useful to include the core demands on an incoming Labour Government with regard to disabled people.

EliSabeth Roberts

I agree with all of the contents of the DEAL legal handbook. It is something that should be included in the membership handbook.

Nik Oakley

It’s a really excellent document.

Mr George Lindars-Hammond

Whilst it is admirably short as a document, with the party’s support, I think a digital version could include searchable advice sections to allow party officials at all levels to quickly find out how to best deal with any situation that faces them.

John James Doherty

I personally feel that the term disabled is out dated, as it still reminds people of individuals in wheelchairs or have lost limbs and cannot perform certain task and are not part of society as a whole, where as I prefer to say People with a Disability or impairment as it doesn’t exclude them from participating in society on a fair and equal basis.

Kevin Watts

I have read the handbook & agree that the authors have fully, openly, & with insight, have produced a document that I would support, & work towards the Labour party adopting it as formal policy. I would also want to ensure that training should be given to all activists, CPL officials, & LP officials

Emily Pomroy-Smith

No, though I think it would be great if there were a condensed version (please forgive me if there already is one, I may have missed this)

Geraldine Bird

I would like the Reasonable adjustment removed, and what things done now

Kendrick Fowler

There is nothing I disagree with however I think the job share option should be slightly amended so that it is at the discretion of a disabled person whether their role is a job share.We should also seek clarity on the reasons that the treasurer and some other CLP roles can’t be job shares and if we can legally change this.

James Driver

I agree with all sections of the deal handbook and would like to see it implemented in full however it must be given more traction within the Labour movement to allow it to have the maximum impact possible on party policy.   

Ellen Morrison

The DEAL handbook provides a vital guide in what our rights are in relation to the Equality Act 2010, and how we can fight for them to be recognised in the Party. Moving forward, I would support DEAL to build on its contents to recognise the intersections of discrimination faced by disabled women, disabled people of colour, younger and older disabled people and LGBTQ+ disabled people.