Are you committed to making the UNCRPD incorporated into domestic legislation and why?

Sonny Bailey

I am committed to making sure that the rights of disabled people are heard because everyone has a right to life, as stated in Article 10 of the UNCRPD. The UN was responsible for reporting the horrific injustices under this current Government.

Richard Rieser

Yes this is essential. I was involved in representing BCODP/UKDPC in negotiating and drafting (especially Article 24) the Convention in New York and them led the campaign in the UK for ratification without reservation, which unfortunately was not successful. The position of disabled people in the UK would be much improved by the incorporation of the UNCRPD into domestic law.

EliSabeth Roberts

Yes I am committed, because it has taken a lot of work and time, to get those of us with disabilities, to be able to enjoy human rights and fundamental freedoms, that those without disabilities have enjoyed for much longer. This must be incorporated into domestic legislation, because of its detailed approach. 

I am aware of children being removed from their parents, because of their own disability. The repeated  cuts to funding in social care, NHS and mental health support, means the ability to keep families together, becomes increasingly difficult. 

Now that the government is close to being able to decide what it can put into place and remove, at the risk to those with disabilities, a risk to freedom of speech and equality provisions. Their vote not to retain the European Human Rights Charter in UK law, is once such worrying change.”

Nik Oakley

Until it is, people with disabilities are being discriminated against.

Mr George Lindars-Hammond

I see no reason that this cannot be adopted in a similar approach that the Human Rights Act took. It is important to retain judicial approaches for Disabled people to defend our rights when needed.

John James Doherty

Having read both the UNPRD and DEAL Documents very closely over the last couple of weeks, I have found many similarities between the two, as they give a framework for both the able bodied and individuals with disabilities to work together on an equal basis.

Kevin Watts

Yes. As stated it is ever evolving & fluid that all people & all disabilities should be included

Emily Pomroy-Smith

Yes, though this would be outside my remit on the NEC.

Geraldine Bird

Yes I am, everyone has the rights of persons with disabilities 

Kendrick Fowler

Yes having UNCRPD incorporated into domestic policy would mean that there is a legal framework for disabed people to challenge discrimination in social care, work, education,housing and the welfare system.

James Driver  

I believe this should be adopted as UK law as a absoulte minimum to commit us to a Internationally  recognized standard of disability rights. This should be done to safeguard our rights so there is always a baseline standard however this UN declaration should only be that and should be built upon to support any disabled people. 

Ellen Morrison

Yes. The UNCRPD showed that the government had committed grave and systematic violations of disabled people’s rights and the UK response was woeful. As the UK leaves the European Union, it’s hugely important that we ensure disabled people’s human rights are not rolled back. The UNCRPD was developed by disabled people and actually offers a more progressive model of disabled people’s rights than by the EU. It would be hugely significant for the Party to put this front and centre of their policy priorities.