If yes to the previous question, how do you plan to get the NEC to acknowledge the DEAL legal handbook and make it internal policy?

Sonny Bailey

The NEC must recognise that the UN’s report of the current Government on its previous injustices towards disabled people (the DWP putting out inhumane policies) are in breach of the UNCRPD, and by pointing out the many other examples of discrimination and injustices which breach various Articles of the Convention. 

Richard Rieser

Procedurally raise the issue and get the authors to come and speak to it.

EliSabeth Roberts

I have emailed the secretary of my CLP, requesting that we motion to support it. If I am elected to be the NEC Disability Rep, it will be the first thing that I will discuss and ask for the NEC’s motion in support.

Nik Oakley

Well argued debate and lobbying.

Mr George Lindars-Hammond

Clearly, we need a proper internal Disabled members policy. There is also limited resourcing to do this. Therefore, the fact that such important legal work has been done should be the centre of the argument to adopt it.

John James Doherty

By making it widely available to all members, both able bodied and those with disabilities and impairments, networking sites E-mail and contact through various of the Labour, such as CLP’s.

Kevin Watts

I would ask the NEC secretary for time on the agenda to give a presentation which would be run in conjunction with the handbook

Emily Pomroy-Smith

I would support DEAL to draft a motion for conference, and use the network of CLP and Branch officers to gain broad support. I believe in the sovereignty of conference, and that all policy is for the membership to decide.

Geraldine Bird

I would make sure that every CLP in the Country had a copy and they worked with, and I would check they are

Kendrick Fowler

I would make them aware of their responsibilities under the equalities act and also the benefits to CLP’s. We need to be a unified party to win the next election and implementing the DEAL legal handbook at CLP’S and making it internal party policy is one of the ways we can ensure this by alleviating tensions between the party and it’s disabled members.

 it would also make it easier for the party to fulfill diversity quotas and see an increase in member participation at all levels.

James Driver

I would first begin by pushing the leadership to adopt it as full party policy to pass at conference.  To support this I would speak to as many CLP’s as possible to encourage them to pass the DEAL handbook as policy to give much more recognition to disabled members and help the Labour party to be at the forefront of the push for an ethical equality policy. 

Ellen Morrison

If elected, I intend to act in good faith and will immediately approach the General Secretary, NEC and Party staff to begin the necessary process to change our Party into an organisation that offers disabled members and activists the respect and support that we’re entitled to. This would include adoption of the DEAL handbook and the implementation of a Party-wide accessibility review. 

Disabled people and lawyers have issues with enforcing the Equality Act in wider society so it’s no wonder so many of us are struggling within the Party as well. I think the work that went into the handbook is invaluable as a tool for fighting for equality in the Party and I thank the activists that contributed to it. 

However, I am also aware that for too long, movement on such issues has been unacceptably slow. If we don’t see the change we need, I’ll work with comrades in the disabled people’s movement to draw attention to the DEAL handbook and other demands, to make our voice heard. 

I think our campaign to get the Party to adopt the handbook needs to look at successful campaigning techniques. Videos have been highly successful ways of communicating ideas and getting buy-in beyond groups perceived to be most affected by them. As someone who’s impairment can affect how the process information, breaking down some of the key points and recommendations into shareable videos to share online could be an important way to help get widespread support for the Legal Handbook.

It is my hope that not only will our NEC representative take this to the NEC, but the campaign to choose our Disabled Members Rep will also prove to be a useful step forward in the campaign to get the handbook adopted as the spotlight is on disabled members’ priorities like these.