What do you think should be the Party’s policy priorities in the areas of social care and social security?

Sonny Bailey

We must work to scrap Work Capability Assessments, and end the privatisation of all assessments which have left many disabled people without support. Universal Credit should also be scrapped, replacing it with a social security system that ensures disabled people are never left behind. Scrap the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) which leaves disabled people frightened and worried, and replace it with a Department of Social Security. We need a National Care Service for all, that also includes funding of social support services for people with autism. 

Richard Rieser

I will campaign for a Universal Income which makes much more sense in the wake of Covid 19. I will argue for a fully funded Independent Living Service for the additional costs of being disabled in a society full of barriers. I will argue for an adjudication of need by a panel of disabled people.  This to be part of a seamless Social Care System.

EliSabeth Roberts

The Party’s policy priorities should be; more funding for the NHS, especially in the Mental Health Services, which has seen major cuts from the current and previous government, plus funding to increase staffing levels within the NHS. Funding needs to be poured into; youth services, addiction services, social care and educating within social care, so they provide actual support to families and mental health support for all children, especially for those who have a developmental neurological condition that causes social isolation and a barrier to education.  A full overhaul of social care and police services, to provide an empathetic, supportive service to all. I worked in the medical wing of Shrewsbury Prison, 14 years ago and then, it was thought that 75% of their population, were undiagnosed autistic, adhd, schizophrenia and other neurological conditions. They had come to the forefront of criminal activity, due to self-medication to help with mental health problems due to not being able to gain access to the CAMH Service, they then move onto theft to fund their addiction and moving onto more serious crime.

We have to change social care and social security so that we have a humanistic approach, not the current blame culture we have in the UK.”

Nik Oakley

Appropriate benefits and criteria; Appropriate budget; Appropriate policy.

Mr George Lindars-Hammond

As a Council cabinet member for Health and social care, I am passionate about the need for well funded social care which is free at the point of use for all recipients, including working-age disabled people. As part of this, care workers need to be well trained and paid to deliver the support that allows people to live the lives we want to live.

John James Doherty

To protect the NHS and all other public health care providers, keep them in the public domain and not sell them off to private multi national companies, make better provision for all medical and mental health services by by bringing them back into the Public Health Sector and supplying the right medically trained staff and essential equipment they need and make more prescriptions free to more people. in the case of Social Security, get rid of Universal Credit, as it put many individuals who rely on their individual benefits, in debt and and on the poverty, make sure families get the right benefits they deserve and are increased so they live above the breadline and that there is an increase in the living wage to to it in line with the rate of inflation and less reliance on Charities and Food Banks.

Kevin Watts

A working party / think tank should be set up, & the whole social care & social security policies brought up to date & beyond. A radical approach is needed for both

Emily Pomroy-Smith

I believe that in the current pandemic crisis the only logical solution is UBI, this is something that would improve the basic standard of living for every person.

Geraldine Bird

We are still waiting for Green paper, and yes the party should have policy priorities of social care

Kendrick Fowler

Social care 

Move away from an ideology that views those using care as vulnerable to one that Supports independent living and those receiving care being able to take part in everyday activities such as going to the pub or the cinema.

Support independent living

Prioritise policies that are influenced largely by those receiving care over those that haven’t.

Allow disabled people to directly employ their carers

Routine testing of care home staff

As mentioned above incorporate  the UNCRPD into domestic law

Better pay and union recognition for care workers

Social security

Scrapping all sanctions

Ending work capability assessments 

Reverse cuts to ESA

Reverse cuts to housing benefits

Reinstate housing benefit for under 25’s

Ending workfare and sector based work academies

Not reducing benefits for people who leave a job. This will make it easier for disabled people to leave a job because they are being bullied by an employer or to stand up for themselves in the workplace.

Keeping our commitment to make sure that the welfare system is one of support not one that criminalises unemployed people.

Making all services and resources in jobcentres accessible to all disabilities.

James Driver

Whilst there are understandably many issues that must be resolved in terms of social security the main one has to be the scrapping of Universal credit as this system has been at the centre of everything that is wrong with the Tory welfare state in its current form. Due to the sheer amount of people that this system has pushed into poverty for nothing more than small state ideological purposes. 

Ellen Morrison

As mentioned in previous questions, all Party policy should be designed with disabled people. As also mentioned, I believe the Party should commit to working with the experts by experience led Commission on Social Security. 

One of the key campaigns in the disabled people’s movement is for a National Independent Living Support Service, to establish a new universal right to independent living enshrined in law and delivered through a new, publicly-funded agency. This should be co-created between government and Disabled people, funded through general taxation and managed by central government, led by Disabled people and delivered locally in co-production with Disabled people.

Current proposals to link social care to the NHS would further medicalise disability and deny disabled people our most consistent demands, for independence, choice and control over our care. They are only deliverable with the establishment of a National Independent Living Support Service.