What systems will use to report back to disabled members about what has happened at each NEC meeting?

Sonny Bailey

We must use a range of alternative formats to report back to disabled members.

Richard Rieser

I will produce an accessible newsletter to report issues, decisions and the positions I took on the NEC. I will circulate this and an easy read version electronically and urge local disability branches and constituency secretaries to circulate it. I  will also hold online interactive meetings to report where disabled members can discuss and raise issues.

EliSabeth Roberts

l would post the minutes to each NEC meeting on the; Disability Equality Act Labour and Disability Labour Facebook pages and send them to every email address of disabled members that are confidentially submitted to me.

Nik Oakley

A variety of comms channels and hopefully access to the membership database of those who have self-idenified.

Mr George Lindars-Hammond

See previous answer

John James Doherty

By E-mail, social media, or through a specific website open to all Labour Party Members, constantly keeping them updated at what happened each NEC Meeting.

Kevin Watts

As in the previous answer. I will prepare a report which can be accessed by a link, again using all social media platforms & email. If disabled members do not use social media, & have not given permission to use their email addresses for general party messages, I would want to send the report out to constituency secretaries for forwarding on to their disabled members

Emily Pomroy-Smith

In addition to the above I would use social media, a blog and emails.

Geraldine Bird

I would use social media, Tweeter, Facebook, set up a forum so all disabled members could contact me, and I contact plus contact all CLP’s 

Kendrick Fowler

Publish my report on the various disability facebook groups

Publish my report on labour party forums

Set my own facebook and publish the report there

Ask for my report to be publish amongst the general Labour emails and on Labourlist

Give a verbal report at CLP meetings local to me.

Attend CLP meetings in my local area to give a verbal report

James Driver

I will run a post meeting forum to discuss and debate the full outcomes of anything that needs sharing with our members, I shall also write a full and extensive report about all outcomes that all members will be able to view via email .

Ellen Morrison

I will provide regular reports from NEC meetings, and will ask the Party to distribute these. If there are contentious votes, I will provide my reasoning so that you can hold me accountable. A functioning members’ democracy needs a free flow of information, and I’ll make sure all disabled members are informed and up-to-date on the issues that affect us.

I would like to know from DEAL members what the majority would prefer in terms of where they would like to see updates. At present, I’m considering writing a report that could be shared either as a social media post or on my website. But considering disabled members have never had a representative to report back to them, it’s important to find out what might work for most disabled members.