When and how did you first hear about the DEAL legal handbook?

Sonny Bailey

After its publication in 2019. 

Richard Rieser

In 2016 and I have promoted since.

EliSabeth Roberts

I heard about the DEAL legal handbook at start of the coronovirus lock down., as I have been working from home.

Nik Oakley

Last year. Mentioned to me by another member.

Mr George Lindars-Hammond

I think I heard about it first on Labourlist around the time of the Democracy review.

John James Doherty

Only Very recently.

Kevin Watts

As a disabled activist for 20 years I read that John McDonnel has endorsed the handbook

Emily Pomroy-Smith

Through the facebook page when I joined.

Geraldine Bird

In 2010, from the Labour Party

Kendrick Fowler

I believe it was through our CLP disability officer in 2018

James Driver

This document is something I was not aware of until I was doing lots of research into the specifics of disability Labour therefore I have only known about this document for a matter of months.  Therefore whilst I wholeheartedly agree with  DEAL’s handbook it does need much better publication in my opinion to make sure it is noticed by as many people as possible in the wider Labour movement. 

Ellen Morrison

I first learned about DEAL in 2018 when I met a DEAL member at the Independent Living Campaign Conference. After this I joined the Facebook group where I learned about the purpose of the group and read the handbook that was produced.