Geraldine Bird

Do you identify as a disabled person?


What do you understand by the social model of disability and how is it relevant to the NEC?

The social model of disability identifies systemic barriers, negative attitudes and exclusion by society, I would like to see more disabled members on the NEC and I would push for it

How do you see your role as the Disabled Rep on the NEC?

I would want to be able to contact a disabled members at every CLP in the Country

How do you propose to gain the interest and support of those who are not currently personally impacted by disability?

I’d want to show and campaign all members to understand all about disabilities

Your constituency is disabled members. What systems will you use to ensure you understand the views of disabled members on agenda items prior to each NEC meeting?

I would contact all CLP’s so I can find out if there are any issues they want me to take to NEC

What systems will use to report back to disabled members about what has happened at each NEC meeting?

I would use social media, Tweeter, Facebook, set up a forum so all disabled members could contact me, and I contact plus contact all CLP’s

What skills, abilities, experience and/or qualifications do you have that enable you to campaign and advocate on behalf of disabled people?

I’ve campaigned for over 35 yrs, for rights of disabled people, I’m very active in Cambridge, and also I’m an advocate for disabled people so they have a voice and also parents with disabled children

Do you think that there is institutional disablism in the Labour Party, if so, at what levels and what would you suggest to the NEC?

Yes, I feel that people with a learning disability are not considered that they could be a councillor but the could with support, I would ask the NEC to look at this issue

When and how did you first hear about the DEAL legal handbook?

In 2010, from the Labour Party

Are there any sections of the DEAL legal handbook you don’t agree with and why? Do you have suggestions for improvement?

I would like the Reasonable adjustment removed, and what things done now

Do you commit to actively working to make the handbook internal Party policy?


If yes to the previous question, how do you plan to get the NEC to acknowledge the DEAL legal handbook and make it internal policy?

I would make sure that every CLP in the Country had a copy and they worked with, and I would check they are

What do you understand by intersectionality and will it be important to your NEC role ?

In the way in which different types of discrimination because of a person’s disability, race, sex etc it’s very important to bring everyone together

Are you committed to making the UNCRPD incorporated into domestic legislation and why?

Yes I am, everyone has the rights of persons with disabilities

How would you abolish WCA?

Yes I would support this

What do you think should be the Party’s policy priorities in the areas of social care and social security?

We are still waiting for Green paper, and yes the party should have policy priorities of social care

Would you support an independent disability commission?