Kevin Watts

Do you identify as a disabled person?


What do you understand by the social model of disability and how is it relevant to the NEC?

I have never fully agreed with the social model regarding disability, as I don’t feel that it is wide enough in covering the issues today. It is negative in its narrative. There are other models, which when taken together, would better fully define “”disability””. The SMOD is however the format that we use in the UK, & therefore is the foundation of our policies

How do you see your role as the Disabled Rep on the NEC?

As the voice of all disabled members, bringing in the issues of disability that the NEC have no considered. Also to inform disabled members of everything that comes before the NEC

How do you propose to gain the interest and support of those who are not currently personally impacted by disability?

Disability effects the whole of society, it is society that needs educating on the issues effecting them, & how in society disability has to work for all. I believe that as a party we should be front, rear, & centre in bringing information out into the whole of society

Your constituency is disabled members. What systems will you use to ensure you understand the views of disabled members on agenda items prior to each NEC meeting?

I would use all of the social media groups & email. The party sent out a survey asking members if they define as disabled. I believe that these same members should be asked to sign a declaration (also on joining the party) giving access to them by their elected representative, so that they can be asked

What systems will use to report back to disabled members about what has happened at each NEC meeting?

As in the previous answer. I will prepare a report which can be accessed by a link, again using all social media platforms & email. If disabled members do not use social media, & have not given permission to use their email addresses for general party messages, I would want to send the report out to constituency secretaries for forwarding on to their disabled members

What skills, abilities, experience and/or qualifications do you have that enable you to campaign and advocate on behalf of disabled people?

I am disabled

Do you think that there is institutional disablism in the Labour Party, if so, at what levels and what would you suggest to the NEC?

Yes, & at all levels. I would be asking the NEC that before any decisions are made, it is ensured the issue of disability has been put at the front

When and how did you first hear about the DEAL legal handbook?

As a disabled activist for 20 years I read that John McDonnel has endorsed the handbook

Are there any sections of the DEAL legal handbook you don’t agree with and why? Do you have suggestions for improvement?

I have read the handbook & agree that the authors have fully, openly, & with insight, have produced a document that I would support, & work towards the Labour party adopting it as formal policy. I would also want to ensure that training should be given to all activists, CPL officials, & LP officials

Do you commit to actively working to make the handbook internal Party policy?


If yes to the previous question, how do you plan to get the NEC to acknowledge the DEAL legal handbook and make it internal policy?

I would ask the NEC secretary for time on the agenda to give a presentation which would be run in conjunction with the handbook

What do you understand by intersectionality and will it be important to your NEC role ?

Intersectionality defines me as a person – a person with a disability. If elected it will of course effect my role, & I would expect to be the voice for disabled members

Are you committed to making the UNCRPD incorporated into domestic legislation and why?

Yes. As stated it is ever evolving & fluid that all people & all disabilities should be included

How would you abolish WCA?

These would be taken out of any further legislation relating to social security & social care. As a start, those individuals with “”for life disabilities”” that will not change should be removed from the need for these degrading assessments

What do you think should be the Party’s policy priorities in the areas of social care and social security?

A working party / think tank should be set up, & the whole social care & social security policies brought up to date & beyond. A radical approach is needed for both

A working party / think tank should be set up, & the whole social care & social security policies brought up to date & beyond. A radical approach is needed for both