Photo of Fran Springfield. Team DEAL - Disability Equality Act Labour.

Fran Springfield

I’m Fran Springfield a Specialist Nurse in Acquired Disability, therapist and Medico-Legal Expert.

I’m the Disability Officer for Vauxhall CLP, a contributor to to the DEAL Handbook and a Momentum member. I’m a UNISON & DPAC member too.

I have both visible and invisible disabilities.

I have the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to be an Executive member and Chair of DL. Within my career I have run an international charity for transgendered people as well managing care homes and supported living schemes. Everywhere I worked I was able to increase client and resident involvement.

We need to change the way disabled members are treated at all levels of the Party. We need better access, more reasonable adjustments and improved communication, both online and at meetings and conferences. We need spaces that disabled people and those who are non neuro-typical can use as safe or quiet spaces.

The Democracy Review is a wonderful opportunity for us be at the heart of everything the Party does. I want to enable disabled people in the Party to be part of that change.

Please support the DEAL team of candidates, for an open and accountable DL – campaigning for all disabled people.

Listen to Fran reading her candidate statement.

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