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Photo of Helen Whitehead, team Deal.

Helen Whitehead

I am a thirty six year old education professional and ex Deputy Head. I am a specialist additional needs teacher, and believe in inclusive education and healthcare. I am also autistic, and determined to make politics a more accessible place for those of us on the spectrum.

I have both Ehlers Danlos syndrome and ankylosing spondylitis. I am a member of DPAC, DEAL and Disability Labour and am fully committed to equal representation within politics. I believe strongly in the social model of disability, and know through my own experience and my teaching career that enabling individuals and removing external and social barriers can make a profound difference.

Currently, fewer than 1% of MP’s are disabled, as compared to a rate of roughly 20% in the general population. This is a huge disparity, and I am determined to help redress that balance. Working within DEAL and Disability Labour can help me to aid others to do this.

Disability forges resilience and determination. I want to be part of providing a safe and secure future where all of us are valued, appreciated and supported, regardless of background, income or needs. I know that I can accomplish this.

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