Photo of Kathy Bole with her owl Harry. Team DEAL - Disability Equality Act Labour.

Kathy Bole

Hi, I’m Kathy Bole, I am a Labour Councillor for Suffolk County Council.

I have about 30 years in the Trade Union movement. I have been co-chair of UNISON’s Eastern Region Disabled Members Committee, a member of UNISON’s National Disabled Members Committee and I also run a charity that provides a voice for disabled people in Suffolk.

I contributed to the DEAL Handbook, belong to Momentum and DPAC. I am passionate about campaigning for the rights of Disabled People and I believe disabled people are uniquely qualified to help design the services that we use.   I also believe we need to challenge antiquated ideas of what it is to live a full and independent life.

We need to change the way disabled people can participate. We need to make use of technology to enable equal access to conferences and meetings. No one should be excluded on the basis of their disability or by economic inequality.

This is an exciting time to ensure the Labour Party becomes more inclusive and better represent the reality of disabled people living in Britain.

Please support the DEAL Team of candidates, for an open and accountable DL – campaigning for all disabled people

Kathy reads her candidate statement below.

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