Martyn Shrewsbury

My name is Martyn Shrewsbury I am sixty years of age and live in Ystradgynlais in Wales. I joined Labour primarily because of Jeremy Corbyn and because of my knowledge of his work on animal rights and because of his Socialism. I have been an Ecosocialist all of my life.

My local party is Brecon and Radnor, I joined the Labour party in January of this year and with it Momentum. I work as a Psychotherapist, a teacher of Philosophy and regularly represent people at appeals over benefits and have a record of helping them win 95% of the last few cases . I am a passionate empowerer and supporter of disability rights.

I became partially sighted myself several years ago and have learnt much about myself and others during this time I realise how this world ignores disabled people and am a firm believer that the world must be changed.

I have long supported left wing causes. I am a former Leader of the Wales Green Party and have stood for election in the European parliament, Parliament, the Welsh Assembly and local government.

I am proud to be standing as part of the DEAL team for accountability and change.

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