Please note, following their successful election as a result of the election campaign DEAL managed for them, the Disability Labour Executive has ceased to comply with the DEAL legal handbook or the DEAL principles of transparency, accountability, inclusion and participation. DEAL no longer has links with any of the individuals below.

Note written: December 2018.

Our officer candidates

Photo of Wayne Blackburn. Team DEAL - Disability Equality Act Labour.

Wayne Blackburn


I am standing to be Co-Chair of Disability Labour (DL) as I want to see an open and democratic organisation with great communication and an ethos of member engagement from day one.

I am proud to be standing beside Fran Springfield who has been a campaigner and activist for many years. She has never been afraid to challenge injustice.


I have a history of activism and know what it takes to organise and run an organisation. I’m currently the Vice Chair (Membership) for Pendle CLP, the Secretary of Lancashire’s Local Campaign Forum, and Chair of Pendle’s Labour Group.

I am proud of the way I’ve communicated with members despite the difficult circumstances in Disability Labour. I strongly believe in collaboration and believe DL’s Executive should be a welcoming body, not one that hides away from our members.


I want DL to focus on campaigning within and outside the Party for ALL our members. I want DL to have a strong voice that’s backed by a team working hard for all disabled members in the Labour Party.

Please vote for the DEAL team of candidates – we will bring much needed change and accountability.

Photo of Fran Springfield. Team DEAL - Disability Equality Act Labour.

Listen to Fran read her officer statement below.

Fran Springfield


I’m standing for Co-chair because I believe DL needs to be an open, democratic and accountable organisation which involves members and communicates with them on a regular basis.

I am proud to be standing beside Wayne Blackburn who has a record of activism and who has consistently stood up for ordinary members of DL.

I have over 30 years experience of running organisations, including charities and of chairing meetings. I have helped to re-write constitutions to make organisations more open and accountable.

Collaborative working

I believe in working collaboratively and see my first task as Chair to ensure that ALL Officer roles are done as a job-share. Our second task as an exec
must be to have a constitution that is fit for purpose.

DL members should be writing LP policies on all matters that directly concern us, Benefits, Access to Work, Heath and Social Care, Housing and Transport. As a community we have skills that are ignored or under-utilised.

Policy panels

I want to ensure DL has Policy Panels to produce radical and innovative policies that can be transformed into Labour Party manifesto pledges.

Please vote for the DEAL team of candidates – we will bring much needed change and accountability.

Photo of Kathy Bole with her owl Harry. Team DEAL - Disability Equality Act Labour.

Kathy Bole

Co-vice chair

I am standing for Vice Chair because I believe DL can be the organisation that we had all hoped it would be; democratic, transparent, active and accountable to the membership.

I have experience in working with organisations from a small local level, to chairing regional disability organisations to being part of a national disability committee within my trade union. I have helped to rewrite policies and have personally worked to turn around an organisation which was being mismanaged.


I believe in team work and collective responsibility. DL’s executive must be a team effort. I also believe that all Officer roles should allow job sharing, the constitution needs to be changed to be fit for purpose. There needs to be accountability. We need to elect by OMOV.

I have been working with a team of people to do the things that DL isn’t doing.

  • Increasing participation by members with the help of technology.
  • To open up meetings to the members to be transparent.
  • To be writing, influencing policies and advising on campaigns.

DEAL has been working for 8 months as a group to start this work.

Please vote for #TEAM DEAL – we will bring much needed change and accountability.

Photo of Dave Townsend. Team DEAL - Disability Equality Act Labour.

Dave Townsend

Co-vice chair

I want to make a bigger contribution to disability politics and so I am seeking election to the position of Vice Chair of Disability Labour.

By way of my relevant experience, in the Labour Party I am currently Chair and Disability Officer of Weston-super-Mare Constituency Labour Party, Chair of North Somerset Local Campaign Forum I have also held the following positions CLP Chair, CLP Vice Chair, LCF Chair, IT Officer, and Acting CLP Secretary. Prior to my being medically retired I was Secretary to around a dozen committees in the Ministry of Defence and I was a Union Rep for almost 20 years (Prospect) dealing with members personal and professional rights. I am also a member of Unite and the Co-operative Party.

Calm and conciliatory

My management and teamwork style has been described by others as calm and conciliatory, but with the strength to stand up for my beliefs and the rights of others against anyone.

If elected, it is my hope that I could steer Disability Labour to form closer working ties with the Labour Party itself and perhaps become see it become a Members Section of the main party with automatic and free membership for all Disabled Labour members.

Name removed by request.


Statement removed by request.

Photo of Lorraine Harding - team DEAL.

Lorraine Harding


Lorraine Harding


I believe that I have the necessary experience and skills to carry out this important role, as well as an ability to work with people from different backgrounds.

Whilst not having held a role as a branch or CLP secretary within the Labour Party, I have previously been a branch secretary and organiser within the civil service unions of CPSA, PTC and PCS. I have also been secretary to a specialist committee dealing with building regulations and liaison with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. I respect and adhere to the need to produce accurate and timely minutes of meetings, I would do my utmost to do so if required to carry out, or assist with, this task.

Communication and participation

I also feel that it is important that DL communicates with and encourages participation from members, along with better liaison with CLP’s and other organisations dealing with disability.

Please support me and other DEAL candidates standing for officer posts. We will do our best for YOU!

Photo of Simon Lydiard. Team DEAL - Disability Equality Act Labour.

Watch and listen to Simon read his officer statement below.

Simon Lydiard


I have held various offices in the Labour Party, including Constituency Secretary, Vice Chair and Political Education Officer. I have also been a Branch Chair and Secretary – a position I currently hold, and which I’ve held in several previous branches. I am very experienced in Labour Party business and administration, and understand the rules and procedures.

I have considerable administrative experience having worked 38 years in the civil service, latterly as a senior civil servant. I was secretary of a number of committees, and had experience of working at board level and with ministers – including supporting them at parliamentary committees. I also was a member of my Department’s Disability Committee. In addition, I was a trade union officer and – early in my career – was branch organiser for what is now the Public and Commercial Services Union.

If elected, I would endeavour to run Disability Labour’s business in an open, inclusive and efficient manner. I would ensure accurate record keeping, including minute taking, and a proper and effective relationship with Labour Party officials. My overall objective would be to ensure the effective representation and involvement of Disability Labour members.

If you are a member of Disability Labour, the socialist society affiliated to the Labour Party, you can register to attend this years’ AGM on 8 September in Leeds. Don’t forget to put ‘full online participation’ in the Access Requirements box when you register if you can’t be there in person.