Online candidates question time

Meet six of our candidates live online from 7pm to 8pm tonight, Thursday 30 August. Their details are below.

Question them, get to know them a little bit more to help inform the way you vote on 8 September.

When you click the link below, if you haven’t already, you will be asked to install the Zoom cloud meeting app (if you are using a phone or tablet) or small bit of software (if you are using a computer) before you can join the debate. It will only take a minute or two.

With the Zoom platform you can use video, audio and/or text – it’s your choice.

We will video the event so that others can see it in their own time. Please be aware that what you say and how you appear during the meeting will appear online.

If you’d prefer to ask any of our candidates a question privately, click on “Our candidates” in the menu on this page, select the candidate you’d like to ask and fill in the contact form on their page.

[zoom_api_link meeting_id=”″ id=”PanelDebate1″ target=”_self” title=”Click here to join the panel debate with our candidates.”]

We have done our best to test the software, but you may find glitches we don’t know about. If you have any difficulties joining the debate, please post in our group including the device you are using, your browser and your operating system. Many thanks.

Photo of Mick O'Neill-Duff.Mick O'Neill-Duff. London. 2018.

Mick O’Neill-Duff

Photo of Wayne Blackburn.Wayne Blackburn.London. 2018.

Wayne Blackburn

Photo of Kathy with one of her owls, Harry.Kathy Bole. London. 2018.

Kathy Bole

Photo of Lorraine Harding.Lorraine Harding. London. 2018

Lorraine Harding

Photo of Dave Townsend.Dave Townsend.London. 2018
Photo of Fran Springfield.Fran Springfield. London. 2018.

Fran Springfield