Photo of Simon Lydiard. Team DEAL - Disability Equality Act Labour.

Simon Lydiard

I joined the Labour Party 36 years ago. I have held various offices, including Constituency Secretary and Vice Chair, Political Education Officer, and Branch Secretary and Chair. I have also been a councillor, and led the opposition Labour Group on Bath City Council in the early 90s.

I joined the civil service aged 16 at the most junior grade, and retired two years ago as a senior civil servant. I retired partially on health grounds, having been seriously injured some years previously whilst on duty – necessitating a series of operations, and impacting on my mobility and general health. I am dyslexic and dyspraxic – and was passionate about ensuring fair treatment of people with disabilities in the civil service, serving on my Department’s disability committee, and mentoring others with disabilities. I was also a trade union representative.

Both before and after retirement I have undertaken a number of voluntary activities to advance the cause of people with disabilities, including acting as an ambassador for a national charity and helping to create Disability Rights UK’s Leadership Academy, and mentoring participants.

I am standing in solidarity with other colleagues from Disability Equality Act Labour.

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