Disability Labour is broken. Join us to fix it.

What we want.

Twelve Point plan for a Socialist Disability Labour

  1. Free membership for all Labour Party members with a disability or informal carers of disabled members. Funding to come from affiliations and donations.
  1. We will be a strong campaigning voice for disabled members & their carers, within the Party and externally.
  1. We will implement One Member, One Vote for all DL elections. Participation at Disability Labour AGMs and Conferences to be available by remote access. We will campaign for this to be implemented across the Labour Party.
  1. Executive meetings to be monthly and to be fully accessible including being online for members unable to travel. Open to members to attend with time for questions and contributions.
  1. Officers will be directly contactable and responsive to enquiries and concerns. All Officer roles will be a job-share to ensure continuity should a post holder be unable to carry their duties temporarily.
  1. Minutes of Executive Meetings will be published promptly. Members will receive regular updates about campaigns and other important issues. Accounts will be properly audited and presented in an Annual Report.
  1. We will adopt the DEAL handbook and “It’s our Party – Let us in”. We will campaign with Project 125 and other disabled people’s organisation such as DPAC.
  1. We will set up working groups to develop Labour Party Policy on Disability issues and work with the Parliamentary Labour Party.
  1. We will set up strands to support members who are Neuro-diverse, have learning disabilities and who are unwaged carers of adults or children with disabilities.
  1. We will:
    a) liaise with CLPs to disseminate information.
    b) provide expert advice and training throughout the party on reasonable adjustments for disabled members.
    c) develop training for CLPs on disability and mental health equality.
  1. We will campaign for dedicated disabled members seats on Regional Boards, the National Executive Committee, National Policy Forum and all Conference Arrangements Committees.
  1. We will support and endorse disabled members standing for public office and LP positions. We will campaign for inclusion of disabled candidates on all short lists for local government and parliamentary elections.

Disability Equality Act Labour – Campaigning for ALL disabled members.

If you are a member of Disability Labour, the socialist society affiliated to the Labour Party, you can register to attend this years’ AGM on 8 September in Leeds. If you can’t be there in person, type ‘full online participation’ in the Access Requirements’ box when you register.